Information & FAQ’s

Please find below some valuable information about who we are, what we do and our setting policies.


who we are:

Munchkins After School Club is registered through Ofsted to provide childcare for children aged 3 to 11 years. All settings are registered and regulated by Ofsted.

Opening times:

Mon to Fri  |  After school until 6pm  |  Term time only

We shut promptly at 6pm so please arrive at 5.55pm at the latest to collect your child’s belongings and sign out in time.


  • £9.50 per session for children aged reception age and above

  • £11 per session for children aged 3-4 in the pre-school. This price is due to a lower child:staff ratio.

  • We also charge a £10 annual admin fee per child which will need paying when you first register or if you are already registered, at the start of the academic year.

  • Each time you book a block of sessions on iPAL there will be a 50p booking fee.

How do I book?

We use an easy-to-use online system where parents and carers can register themselves and their child/ren, book and pay for sessions.

  1. Firstly register yourself as a parent and fill in ALL sections (no need for NI number if you are not claiming funding).

  2. Register your child/ten and fill out ALL sections and tick all permissions (you can opt out of photos on social media if you’d rather)

  3. Please choose your set days (ie ALL Mondays and Tuesdays) and these will be your set days until you give one months written notice to change or cancel them. We reserve the right to cancel your space if you do not book on correctly or skip booking a set day.

  4. Make a full or partial payment through the system and select how you have made that payment. If you are paying by childcare voucher or tax free childcare please select this and then make the payment from your provider. Voucher payments can take 3-5 working days to enter our accounts so please remember to factor this in to avoid late payments. We will then check and verify them once they are in our accounts. All payments must be paid in advance. Once paid, your child/ren will be booked on and appear on our registers.

Note: For parents who work shift patterns or need ad-hoc care of less than two weeks, please get in touch to see if we can help.

Please visit Munchkins Childcare on iPal to register and book..

Childcare Vouchers & TAX FREE CHILDCARE:

We accept online/electronic childcare vouchers; just let us know which scheme you are with. We please ask that payments by voucher are made as soon as you make your booking and always at least 5-7 working days before the end of the month for your regular bookings.


Healthy snacks are provided during the session. These are included in the price.


Our settings have been set up to provide after school care to schools in Bristol. Registrations are made by parents and carers online.

Management and staff:

The club is managed by Fay Simcox. Our staff have experience in play work, childcare or with children. All staff go through rigorous recruitment checks and an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. Staff are supported and supervised by the management.

Policies and Procedures:

The club operates under a number of policies and procedures, copies of which are available at any time on the Ipal booking system.


In order to safeguard other children we cannot accept children who are unwell or contagious. If a child has had sickness or diarrhoea we -like the school- cannot accept children in the club for 48 hours since the last episode of sickness and/or diarrhoea. If a child becomes unwell in our care we will call you to pick up and try to make them as comfortable as possible until you arrive, we ask that this is within a 30 minute period to minimise the risk of infection to others. If you are not available, we will contact those listed under Emergency Contact Numbers on your child’s Registration Form. For other illnesses or infections please refer to the Infectious Disease Manual. Please inform us straight away if your child is ill or cannot attend the club for any other reason.

Accidents and Emergencies:

Every effort is focused on creating a safe environment for your child to play in but accidents do happen from time to time. All our staff are paediatric first aid trained to deliver any necessary first aid. Any first aid provided will be logged and the parents/carers notified.


If your child is absent for any reason, we regret that we are unable to refund any fees for the session(s) missed. Please inform us directly by text or email if your child is going to be off or picked up by someone else straight from school. This minimises disruption for staff and children at pick-up and we don’t have to look for a ‘missing child.’

Sudden Closures:

If the school has to close suddenly due to an emergency such as bad weather or an evacuation fees will still apply. 


If the club has to shut for a planned school event or election then there will be no fees for that session. A refund will be placed in on the iPal system if you have already paid.

Cancellations and changes to days:

Please give us one month’s written notice if you’d like to change or cancel your regular days.

Adhoc sessions:

You can book extra adhoc sessions on yourself once you are signed up to our system. These will need paying at the time of booking to ensure you are correctly booked on.


You may collect your child any time before 6pm. Only people authorised by the parents/ carers are allowed to collect children, unless we are otherwise informed. Please tell us of any changes in person and where possible in writing. Passing on information through a child will not be accepted.  The setting will not allow people under the age of 18 to collect children unless parents / carers give written permission.  When a child is collected, our team will sign the attendance register on your behalf. If it is someone we don’t know, we will ask you to sign out instead of us and use your childs’ pick-up password. All children must be collected by 6pm. 

Late pick-up:

If the person collecting the child/ren is unavoidably delayed, they must inform the play leader by telephone. We feel it is appropriate to enforce a late pick-up charge of £10 per child due to delaying lock-up and having to pay staff for overtime. This is an automatic late fee charged when you sign out. If the child/ren has / have not been collected within an hour (7pm) and the parents / carers have not informed the staff of their delay, we will be required to inform the Duty Social Worker and/or police and will follow their advice.


I’m afraid we cannot take children who are still in nappies due to staff ratios when changing children. 


We share an objective to help keep children safe from harm and abuse.  We strongly comply with local and national safeguarding procedures and ensure that all staff are appropriately vetted and trained to undertake their safeguarding responsibilities effectively.  If you have any concerns please contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead Fay Simcox on 07384 362 086.

Equal Opportunities:

Munchkins Childcare is committed to equal opportunities and aims to demonstrate, through our activities, that children of all ethnic origins, racial groups, religions, cultures, linguistic backgrounds and abilities are valued and respected. We aim to equip our children with an awareness of our diverse society and to appreciate the value of difference. Discrimination on the basis of colour, culture, religion, origin, sex or ability is not acceptable. The premises we use for our sessions is accessible to all and we will make every effort to accommodate and welcome any  child with individual requirements although we cannot offer 1-2-1 care without additional funding. We frequently work and liaison with parents/carers and relevant professionals to meet a child’s specific needs within the club’s limitations. Each case is assessed individually and risk assessed to ensure everyone’s safety.


We focus on creating a safe environment in which the children can experiment and develop, it is important to work within behavioural guidelines so that the children know what is expected of them. The rules are discussed and drawn up by the children and staff. Children are reminded of these rules frequently and appropriate behaviour encouraged through praise.  We place an emphasis on respect, care and consideration between children, staff and visitors.

All anti-social behaviour will be challenged and discussed.  In the case of violence or behaviour that poses an immediate danger a child is required to be collected directly; as an ultimate sanction, the child may be excluded from the club. Munchkins Childcare recognises that poor behaviour can occur from time to time for reasons that are not always evident, or as a result of special needs.  We will strive to be flexible in order to accommodate such cases.  Parents will be liable for any costs if children damage/break any equipment due to poor behaviour.


A form will need to be completed for any child who requires medication during club hours. We cannot accept children without their medicine and paperwork. Also, without written consent we are unable to administer any medication. All medication must be clearly labelled with your child’s name and dose requirements. 

Complaints Procedure:

If you feel the need to make a complaint you should contact the Manager (Fay Simcox) who will deal with the situation and keep a written record of any complaint and action taken. Telephone number: 07384 362 086 or email For further details on our complaints procedure please look at our complaints policy on iPal.